Additional Work Needed

I have tried to organize these by priority. I am open to hearing any suggestions you may have.

  1. Complete the Pantry area electrical panel and organize it better. I did not have proper swaging tools to make the required cables.
  2. Create a track sliding system for the Dometic portable top load fridge. Alternative:  Install a Vitrofugio fridge into pantry with microwave above and electrical panel/storage below.
  3. Plan for eventual installation on the roof of either Flexible (preferred) or fixed solar panels to be installed later and wired to the CTEK controller.
  4. Completion of electrical switches with convenient locations. I can provide a wiring diagram for this.
  5. House AC electrical system installed. Wiring is already installed to bring power from back left of van to pantry and then to sink base.
  6. Grey water and fresh water tanks installed under the van near the sink. Water pump and sink already installed. Tanks to have drains at bottom for easy maintenance.
  7. Insulation or heating for the tanks to be either installed or planned for to allow for winter camping.
  8. Bench seat installed behind the drivers seat with storage for a pull out toilet.
  9. Swivel for passenger seat and drivers seats

Optional additional work

  1. Table for the bench that can be setup and removed easily – possible storage at the end of the sink cabinet.
  2. Lift the van.
  3. Replace the tires with snow rates tires (if work can be done for this winter.)
  4. Interior space heater powered by gasoline or propane – this is usually mounted under the front passenger seat.
  5. Space for portable generator
  6. Amplifier for the stereo and a subwoofer – already wired behind drivers seat

Interior Finishing Notes

I would like to see the trim wood used for finishing off the ceiling.
Also there is a small space behind driver seat maybe a small cabinet could fit for either car box stuff or toiletries…..
Sliding doors for under the sink would be a finished look. Maybe a door for pantry/closet.
Floor covering, sand is getting under rubber Matt between seats and back, and will be impossible to get out.
Sliding system for bikes (middle compartment)
Nancy Johnson

Optional – Roof and Exterior Solar Notes

Ladder for back
Rack for Roof – ALU RACK
Mount two 170 or 180 watt panels to this down the middle or to one side.
Solar Panel Design – grape now supplies this same size in 180w